The world is full of fleeting moments.

Welcome.The photographs on this site comprise professional and private work, and are mostly taken from picture-stories I've produced, which have become my visual diary. My professional work is commissioned for a variety of publications or for exhibition. My selections shown here are not necessarily the same as were chosen by picture editors, and are shown mixed with private work.

My interest in photography began simply with this: wherever we are, and whatever we see, is unique and belonging only to us at that time. As nothing stays the same, I wanted to be able to capture a selection of these moments that interested me, starting from just where I saw them at that time. It seems so little to ask of yourself, but nonetheless, exclusive and unrepeatable, and therefore meaning so much. This concept being unique to us all; just as our photography is.

At this time,  pages available are: Leisure and Free Time, Industry and Commerce, Healthcare, Architecture, Portraiture, Childhood (with sub-page: School), The Elderly. and Picture Stories, which leads to sub-pages. Small thumbnails at the bottom right of this page show random pictures, which are from any page. Additionally, I leave recently finished picture-stories viewable here:  Picture Story/  and information about my time at Newport Documentary Photography here:  Newport/

Both link back to this site.

All photographs show the complete image recorded un-cropped and are displayed at the maximum resolution for the size of the image shown. All photographs are protected by copyright and embedded as such in the metadata: ©Jeffrey G. Wilkinson. Please respect this and don't steal my photographs.

 (I've endeavoured to contact people photographed in places not deemed public places, and in the majority of cases, where necessary, model release forms were signed. If you would like to contact me regarding any photograph on this site, please do so by using the comments page. Your email address will not be shown, and I will reply if required.) - Katalog Fotografii - Catalog Photography

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